Hello! My name is Stephanie Baldi. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a mother of three children who absolutely light up my life! I first discovered my passion for all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum throughout my own experiences. The first birth being in a hospital, and the second at home - both amazing and powerful experiences. Throughout the journey of bringing my very first baby earthside, I realized that I was very interested in the birthing world and that I needed to work in this field. This lead me to my work as a birth and postpartum doula, as well as an aspiring midwife. I absolutely love this work.

I believe that we all deserve to birth in whatever way feels right for us, individually. I am a very strong believer in the accuracy of intuition; especially that of a parent regarding their child or children. Birth is a normal and natural physiological process, and the bodies growing the babies were built to do it. My goal for every birth that I am a part of is to ensure that the parent(s) feel(s) satisfied and empowered by the birth experience because they were in control and informed about the decisions made; regardless of the circumstances, place of birth, or any other outside influences.

I am pulled toward postpartum work as I feel this period of transition is not given the attention needed. Awareness around the intricacies of the postpartum time is minimal, and I hope to help new parents to feel seen, heard, and validated during this experience, as well as supported so that this may be as enjoyable an experience as possible.

I feel very strongly that every person who wants a doula should be able to have one, and am committed to maintaining a 100% inclusive practice. This means, there is no one or two ways that a family can or should look. I want to work with everyone - no matter your age, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or anything else. Whether you want a hospital, home, birth center birth, or even an outdoor birth with a midwife in attendance. My practice is free of judgement, and I am here to support you. I also am willing to work on a sliding scale, in order to make my services more accessible to you, and to ensure that your choice to have a doula does not become something that is simply not an option due to affordability.

Why yoga? I believe that practicing yoga, or asana, is a key part of maintaining health and function. It allows the practitioner to build and/or maintain muscle strength and endurance, gain flexibility and mobility, and even gives opportunity to raise cardiorespiratory endurance. Further, it helps us to learn proper breathing technique, gain awareness in our breath and body, and strengthen the mind-body connection that is crucial to truly excel in any physical activity (including birth!) and to get your brain on board with whatever that activity may be.

My personal practice is very much used as a way for me to take time to care for and nurture myself, maintain the mind-body connection and body + breath awareness. I hope to instill this into my classes, as well. In class, my goals - or intentions - are to help others gain a sense of love and acceptance for themselves and their bodies. I guide my students toward a raised awareness of both their physical and spiritual bodies + increase their mental strength and focus. To achieve these goals, I regularly cue breath and assist students in learning to sync their breath with their movement. I utilize strengthening postures so that students may push themselves and find the strength that is there just waiting to be tapped into; flexibility postures, so that they may truly learn to appreciate the art of release within their bodies. Balancing postures are used so that students may find their own foundation and learn to build on and strengthen that stability. Then, restorative poses are used to assist in calming the body and mind, integrating all the goodness provided by movement practice, and to relieve stress.

And, fitness. Because variation in our movement is so important to living in a well-rounded way, to prevent disease, maintain proper function, and feel good in our bodies throughout our lives. Fitness is a huge component of holistic living, and I hope to help more people find joy and make this important lifestyle change, with proper guidance and support that gives them the knowledge confidence to make it a lasting change.

In pregnancy, maintenance of functional movement, proper alignment, and strength is crucial - as well as training for the endurance event that is labor and birth, and for optimal recovery postpartum. After pregnancy, it is crucial to restore the core and retrain the body before jumping back into regular exercise and training. The goals each individual brings for themselves will differ, but I am there as a guide and support person to help you reach whatever those goals might be in the safest way possible.


I am so lucky to be doing work that I am so passionate about, and that feels so natural and right for me. If you are interested in working with me, I would love to set up a free consultation to meet with you and to answer any questions you might have for me!

Wishing you the very best on your journey, wherever you are!

All the best!